Why Interoperability Is the Key to Future Innovation and Adoption

While the concept of blockchain and peer-to-peer network in crypto-currency may have revolutionized the technological world, there are certain blocks in the path of its true development. For years innovators of crypto-currency have stuck to their specific doctrines as well as the technologies that operate through them despite many of the problems involved.

For the blockchain algorithm to flourish in the virtual world unhindered, users must be able to exploit every platform providing the cryptocurrency service without having to be stuck with one because of petty disagreements between the developers.

Basic Vitality

The main vitality of inoperability in blockchain lays in the plethora of opportunities it will present. It will be able to further progress from crypto-currency development to other forms of ownership, especially that of data which is as valuable as gold in this fast-changing world. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has placed a mirror to the various problems associated with supply and demand as well as how important it is to cooperate during a crisis. The blockchain holds its essence in its ability to let the unanimity of the whole group hold cognizance as well as to maintain transparency and easy application. These solutions can be applied to many commercialization processes that a growing economy desperately needs.

The big obstacle

So what is stopping us from using blockchain in a more global way? The lack of inoperability is the bigraison d’etre. The lack of inoperability forces the user to be stuck in the blockchain that he’s using and doesn’t allow her to communicate or affect another blockchain simultaneously. Along with that, the process of choosing the correct option to develop of a blockchain becomes extremely over-complicated since the correct choice differs from blockchain to blockchain.

The much-needed solution

Inoperability requires the platform-innovator to be a little large-hearted and allow the developer who didn’t opt for their particular platform to progress regardless. The developers must be encouraged to help each other out and opt for a universal code of operation that will bring uniformity to an overly complicated process that need not be so.

The secret lies in the intrinsic need of humanity to help each other out. Instead of focusing on gathering the most number of transaction and become the biggest chain on the block, true progress can be achieved by cooperation.

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