Huobi Japan opens voting on listing 6 new tokens

With advanced technology, the graph of users of cryptocurrencies is also going upward. Many countries have recently given a green signal to use virtual currency. Japan is one of the leading nations in this where it has decided to have some better platforms for virtual currency. One of the biggest exchanges for cryptocurrencies in Japan, Huobi, is all set to introduce 6 new tokens into the market. It has asked the users to cast their vote in this regard about choosing which tokens they would like to see listed in the exchange. The exchange has mentioned the details in the official portal, and it is in the process to include 6 new tokens among IOS token IOST, Enjin ENJ, NEO, Tezos XTZ, Ontology ONT, and QTUM. As per the official circular, users will start voting, and the process will be completed before the 16th of August 2020.

Process of voting

The voting has begun since 16th of July 2020 and users will be allowed to cast per account 1 vote they have with Huobi. The account holders can vote every Friday, and maximum five votes will be allowed per account. The voting process will end on the 16th of August 2020. The token that gets the highest number of votes will be considered for listing in the Huobi exchange. However, there is no guarantee about that, and they are just considering public opinion before adding suitable tokens into the exchange.

Popular tokens that are likely to get listed

Among all the tokens that are in the race, three of them from China are having a good chance of getting listed in the Huobi exchange. The IOST platform, NEO and ONT are the top tokens that are likely to be listed according to sources. The IOST is similar to Ethereum blockchain, and the token is based on the Internet of Services which can be used for smart contracts. NEO, on the other hand, that is in the business of developing digital IDs and smart contracts. ONT is in the business of providing blockchain solutions to companies.

Currently, Huobi is offering 7 cryptocurrencies for trading including BTC, Ethereum, Ripple, BCH, Monacoin, and Litecoin. Considering the growing demand for cryptocurrencies across the world, many tokens may get added in the near future. This will also help traders to diversify their investments, and they can participate in several cryptocurrency rallies at a time with such options.

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