Bitso Hits 1M Users as Crypto Adoption Spikes in Latin America

A new crypto-coin backed by two leading crypto-giants has started to make waves in Latin America after six months of its launch. With a market already welcome to various crypto-currencies, the new altcoin has taken advantage of this warm-welcome and has been adopted by millions of customers. After its inception in 2014, it has become Mexico’s leading and primary block-chain based currency and has gathered considerable momentum since its launch. The widespread reach of the altcoin was recently discussed by a panel of experts including the backers of the said currency.

Rapid Success

The path-breaking advancements and swift success of the currency are partly supported by the local market’s increasing need for such secure, virtual, and block-chain based currencies that are easily operated through remote connections. A large pool of freelance users is also a big chunk of the crypto-currency customer group that has taken part in the new altcoin’s fantastic success. The ease of handling through one’s smartphone instead of the confusing and meandering processes of the bank is also an instrumental factor. People seem to favor a form of currency accessible easily through the mobiles they can operate in the comforts of their home.

Record-Breaking Performance

This amazing expansion of a relatively new crypto-currency comes at a time when crypto-currency transactions and investments are at an all-time high in the local market. With a recently executed trade that was conceptualized in the figures of millions of dollars, the market has witnessed a record in crypto-currency dealings and trades. The owners of this novel altcoin are rapidly gathering immense success as they make further ambitious plans to expand their base from the local market to international ones. With more investments coming their way, Bitso is riding a wave of continual success and an all-time high.

Reasons behind success

One of the basic reasons for such rapid development can be attributed to the main benefits if dealing with crypto-currency. These may include their high safety measures and transparent recordings. Pioneered by the innovative technology of block-chain development, crypto-currencies are extremely hard to be siphoned off by a third-party hacker. Further, the system of the peer-to-peer network also helps to maintain the transparency that further prevents any chances of trouble. Crypto-currency has also been gathering momentum with many reputed and trusted investors backing their introduction into the mainstream market.

Other reasons behind such an electric introduction of a new altcoin may also be because of the ease of use associated with crypto-currency. All you need to start transactions and investments involved in altcoins is to get online and get yourself an e-wallet. After that, the user is free to accept- send and investment in the virtual currency any way they like without the worry of outside hackers swooping in to steal all of their hard-earned money. But one has to be careful in keeping their private keys private since hackers may try to find this key in order to gain access to your wallet. It is advised to keep it safe in an offline encrypted device or even on printed paper to ward off hackers.

Crypto-currency is making large and considerable waves all across the world as is evident by such a scale of success for a relatively new crypto-currency introduced to the market. With investments still going strong, and millions of users adopting crypto-currencies every minute, the future of this virtual wealth looks bright. The financial landscape is no more the slow-paced elephant of the times of our elders; it is now a dynamic and fast-changing space of constant movement that is improved by the presence of crypto-exchange.

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