Bitcoin Is The Best Treasury Reserve Asset Humanity’s Ever Had

The bitcoin amount held by the companies trading is just a tiny part of the whole world. Indeed, one can find an actual cash reserve amount that prevails in a trillion dollars. Bitcoin revolution can be stated as a great reserve asset to store for the treasury. But one can also dig deeper into other assets. 

What to speak about other prevailing assets?

With real estate, it can be noted as an excellent asset to preserve for a long period. It might lose value like taxes.

In the meanwhile, a low management risk also prevails around the stocks, and even the changes in regulation might be a cause to stores failing price. One can’t declare any conviction within the 100 future years to turn into a good option.

Even specific issues arrive over gold or other metals when keeping an eye over the overall performance within 100 years. Though there is an appreciation in their value over time, it is stressful to keep up their logistics. One can also use the storage services available with third-party regulation, including the commercial banks, but one knows that gold can be lost from anywhere. Mostly, it is the wartime when gold is an asset that gets lost most often. Several times, it has happened in the past decades. In World War II, gold masses got stolen by the actors belonging to the state and even the outside ones.

What to speak about Bitcoin?

At present, no counter-party related risk prevails over Bitcoin. In simple terms, one needs not to worry or think about any actions from third-part over bitcoin that can affect the BTC value. Also, it is safeguarded from any risks arising due to regulation or government policy changes. The BTC holders get the overall control over the digital asset. 

Being a network operated in a peer-to-peer manner, Bitcoin is a platform that enables the BTC holders to use the asset with complete control without any regulatory body handling the operations. Meanwhile, one can assure that bitcoin value will continue to grow ahead in the coming years since there is a determined supply.

With the high autonomy and scarcity rising for Bitcoin, it is most likely a factor resulting in valuing it up in the future time. In 100 years, it won’t be a surprise to capture a higher price compared to today’s price.

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